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Choco Blast

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Magic Cone

Magical Choco Blast: Commit sin in this heaven

Have you ever watched the movie 'Charlie and Chocolate Factory' and wanted to be the boy in the movie who could splash in a pool of chocolate?

And, while reading this you just got tempted again and would love to bite into some dark, rich, creamy chocolate that satiates your tastes buds, mind and your soul?

Welcome to the lip-smacking,creamy and crispy world of - Choco Blast, a uniqe Choco Waffle Cone brought to you by Pure Temptation.

Quality by design

"Quality is a product of design for all product of Pure Temptation, and not by chance. It was also the founding principle of this chocolate factory as the founder herself has had years of experience"

Pure Temptation

a young company with a rich experience

The founder Harsha Gandhi, 53, started the firm at a ripe stage  of life after she had established herself as  a person with entrepreneurship  skills, thanks to her family's business background.

In 2008, after having a helped her husband out in his packaging and bakery business, she ventured out to fulfill  a long-cherished dream of  her father, Late shri Bachubhai Gandhi (Vadilal Group), to make a mark in the chocolate industry.

And, this  she did with  a blast - a choco Blast