Pure Temptation is a young company with a rich experience. The founder Harsha Gandhi, 53, started the firm at a ripe stage of life after she had established herself as a person with entrepreneurship skills, thanks to her family’s business background.

In 2008, after having helped her husband out in his packaging and bakery business, she ventured out to fulfill a long-cherished dream of her father, Late Shri Bachubhai Gandhi (Vadilal Group), to make a mark in the chocolate industry.

And, this she did with a blast – a Chocó Blast.

With a mission to be the first entrepreneur to bring to the Indian market of chocolate lovers the taste of the Chocó Waffle Cone, Gandhi set out to bring together the best practices of chocolate and waffle making at the company’s unit in Dhudeshwar area of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Targeted at the premium, top-tier private label Chocó market, in a short span of two years, Pure Temptation’s market share has grown by leaps. And, today, the products are available at various outlets across Gujarat and still counting.

While Chocó Blast is already a thumping success in Ahmedabad, its primary market, everyone at Pure Temptation is working hard towards achieving the company’s vision: To make Pure Temptation a household name, while giving the best quality and ensuring satisfaction.

Also on offer in the company’s growing product line is: Chocó Paste - a chocolate paste for institutional buyers, Sauces and Jelly for retail and institutional buying.

Pure Temptation is backed up by the parent company Print-n-Pack Pvt. Ltd., which provides the Waffle Cone and Aluminium Foil Cone sleeves for Choco Blast. It is our in-house process,  and everything is made in a hygienic  condition.  Print-n-Pack Pvt. Ltd. is led by Mr. Vandan Gandhi, having decades of experience in this industry.

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