Quality by design

Quality is a product of design for all products of Pure Temptation, and not by chance. It was also the founding principle of this chocolate factory as the founder herself has had years of experience in handling Quality Control in her previous venture.

Pure Temptation has set in place detailed control procedures to maintain the consistency of quality, taste and texture of the chocolate and waffle cones produced. Quality processes are reviewed at specific intervals to check their effectiveness and to upgrade them to international standards.

It is to these painstaking quality control procedures that the company owes its resounding success in such a short span of time.

Having said that, at Pure Temptation, in the owner’s own words, “Complacency is the death of quality. To achieve quality, one has to continually look back and question the procedures to be sure they are effective. It has to be ingrained in the conscience of every team member.”

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